20121015-190426.jpgI’m not sure what political message, if any, this Halloween tableau was meant to portray but I like it – and not just because the creator is a Republican. Speaking of politics, riding across the country at 12 mph has given me a unique perspective on the political mood of this part of the country.

We have seen surprisingly few displays of support for either presidential candidate. We have seen a lot of political posters but most have been for local candidates – judgeships, county commissioners and the like. There are more Romney posters than Obama posters. I estimate about a 4:1 ratio but since we travel mostly through rural areas that probably is to be expected. Texas was more political than other states.

I have voted in every presidential election since I was eligible and I dearly wanted to vote in this one but feared I might not be able since we might still be on the road, away from home, on Election Day. I emailed the Chelan County election official a few days ago about our situation and he linked us up to a web site where I printed out ballots for Mary and me. We’ve already voted! Dang that Internet; ain’t it something!?

20121015-192509.jpgWe are definitely out of the arid west as this photo taken today in eastern Louisiana attests. Hot and humid for the last week. We had a hard rain last night but sunny by morning. Our clothes never seem to dry out. If it’s not the rain it’s the morning dew or our own sweat. Oddly, about the only time we can escape the heat is when we are riding and sweating. Our own motion through the air cools us by evaporation.

20121015-193050.jpgWe were the only guests at an RV park in Easleyville, LA yesterday. Had we not been carefully scrutinizing the road side for their park they would have had no guests because the banner advertising their park was hanging by one tether and no one bothered to tie it back up. We got a kick out of the manager’s son, seen here riding his toy electric Vespa motor scooter. He didn’t seem to be able to speak but boy could he ride this scooter! Every time we looked up his red head atop his pink scooter was weaving its way through the park. When Mary asked him his name, his response was to show us how fast he could run in circles.

On the Pacific Coast ride we mostly stayed in state parks. We haven’t seen nary a one on this route. Private RV parks are what’s available and many of them have nice facilities. Some are on the primitive side such as the one where this little boy lived. Below is a photo of the toilet/shower. Theoretically, you could shit and shower at the same time!

20121015-194623.jpgMary’s cousin Bobbi was talking about heavy frost in Leavenworth a while back which got me to thinking of whether or not I had winterized our trailer before we left – and I think I didn’t. The thought of dealing with busted pipes when I get home has spurred me to drop all thought of riding our bike north to Alexandria. We’re going to wrap it up when we reach St Augustine, FL, send the bike home, rent a car and drive up to see Nicholas, Hyekyung and Anna.