20121013-175659.jpgOur 31st wedding anniversary was Oct 10. We thought a picture of the happy couple would be appropriate for the blog – you know the cliche: “married 31 years and still loving it.” Well the camera misfired and caught us off guard on the first one so we did a retake. The first one has a “ho-hum” look to it. The second one is the real us. To prove it, let me tell you about Mary’s card.

We got a room at the DeRidder Best Western on our anniversary. While I was taking a shower, Mary slipped out to Walmart to buy a few things. We had our anniversary dinner at the nearby Subway ($5 footlongs). When we got back to hotel Mary handed me a card she had picked up at Walmart. It read:

You have been the best person for me and I really appreciate you for being you. 31 years has gone by quickly and I hope the next 10-15 are filled with adventures we both enjoy. Thanks for loving me

Wait a minute! Upon rereading Mary’s card, no where does she actually say she loves me! She says “Thanks for loving me.” Well, she’s stayed with me for 31 years and ridden 8000 miles on a bicycle with me. I’ll take that as a yes.

Another line in her card caught my attention: “10-15 years”? I suppose that’s a realistic estimate of the number of active years we have left. I’ll be 77 years old in fifteen years. There aren’t too many 77 year old guys riding cross country. But to see that in print brings it home in a way that I have somehow avoided contemplating. That doesn’t sound all that long from now. I suppose I have been thinking I would just go on being healthy and active forever but of course she’s right. I’ve always thought of myself as Lief the Lucky. I never thought I would go bald, for example, but we all know how that turned out.