20121012-182300.jpgWe caught sight of Peter, Peter Pumpkin Stealer just west of Simmsport this afternoon. They say his wife ran off and he was charged with unlawful imprisonment when he tried to stuff her in a pumpkin.

This part of Louisiana is easy riding because it is perfectly flat but there is nothing much to catch the eye either. Pavement tends to be rough and grass grows in the cracks on the country roads (see photo below).

20121012-183014.jpgIn places they put weed fabric under the asphalt to discourage the weeds without much success. The roads don’t have shoulders but they also don’t have any cars so we plugged in our iPods and pedaled to music (in Mary’s case) while I listened to an audiobook.

We passed our first bayou today, complete with cypress trees. Texas was remarkably litter-free but Louisianans are another story. Signs warn of $3000 fines but they seem to have little effect. I have never seen so much trash along roads.

Our “campground” tonight is Maddie’s Truck Stop outside of Simmsport. It is the only game in town but we were not hopeful as we approached. Camping at a truckstop? Sounded dubious. Our guide maps listed it and there is nothing else for many miles in either direction so we resigned ourselves to sleeping with diesels. But I gotta say it’s quite nice. The husband and wife who own it have gone out of their way to accommodate us. Free showers and WiFi and a nice grass patch out back – also free.

I mailed Mom and Dad a postcard today. Thought they might like to see the post office it was sent from (below.)