We were innocently pedaling along Highway 237 near Round Top, a mere country road connecting a series of tiny farm towns, when we noticed the traffic was getting rather dense for a mere country road. Soon the road was jammed and cars were stopped in both directions. It could have been the Santa Monica Freeway.

We stopped at a blacksmithing convention along the road where it was explained to us that we had stumbled into the world’s biggest flea market that is held once a year on this weekend. The actual citizens of Round Top number 77 according to the sign at the entrance to town. On this weekend it is more like 77,000. I think they call the event Trading Days.

People were aghast that we would be foolish enough to ride a bicycle with the highways so crowded but it actually worked to our benefit because the traffic was moving so slowly that we felt safer than with the cars speeding by. On several occasions we were able to pass hundreds of vehicles stuck in traffic jams.

Our destination for the night, an RV park eight miles from Round Top, was reputed to be full but we had no other place to go so we checked it out anyway. They had plenty of room for tent campers and our campsite is in a pleasant grove of large oak trees (see photo above) although Mary complained about the 150-yard walk to the restroom.

A cold front is supposed to move in tonight and tomorrow’s high should only reach the high 60s. In fact, I am sitting at this picnic table typing with my jacket on right now. That’s quite a change from last night when it was so hot and muggy at Bastrop State Park that we braved leaving the net doors of the tent open just to get a little air movement. We slept through most of the night in nothing more than underwear and still were damp with sweat.

A few photos from the blacksmithing convention: