Texans are very proud of being Texans. Do the citizens of any other state take as much pride in their state citizenship as Texans? I’ve lived in several states and I don’t recall Washingtonians or Californians even referring to themselves as such, let alone thumping their chests and proclaiming it the way Texans do. What other state adorns bridges and signs everywhere with their state symbol (in Texas, the Lone Star)? What other state do you order waffles and they arrive in the shape of that state (as Mary discovered yesterday at breakfast.)

Most of the Texans we have encountered have treated us well. They’re friendly. There are exceptions of course, like the guy who owned the junky place in the photo above near Bastrop. We never actually met him but his fence suggests he is less than hospitable.

In one respect, certainly, Texans are exceptionally considerate. On these country roads, if a car comes up behind us and there is oncoming traffic, the car behind us often slows down and waits until he can cross the center line to allow for a safe passing. It only makes sense but it almost never happens anywhere else. You would not believe how close cars and especially motorhomes are willing to come to us in order to “thread the needle” to get by without slowing down.