Greetings from Comfort, TX,

The weather has been perfect the last few days: sunny, 70s, low humidity. You don’t know what a blessing this is after Phoenix and Blythe. Modern life is so insulated from the elements. Rain, wind, excessive heat, cold. These things can make the difference between a good time and a miserable time for the bicycle traveler.

I’m sitting at a picnic table in an RV park in Comfort, TX. Night has fallen and the stars fill the sky. The wind is calm and the temperature couldn’t be more pleasant. Since the parameters of the human comfort zone occupy only about a twenty degree range (out of the limitless number of degrees possible) I’m a very lucky fella and I know it.

Our ride this morning started at Lost Maples State Recreation Area with a horrendously steep climb in the first mile. But the morning was cool and we’re a helluva lot stronger that when we started and both of those things helped a lot. That first big climb was really the only one of the day and about noon we started to realize that the Texas Hill Country just might not be as big as we imagined. We somehow thought that like everything in Texas, the Hill Country must span at least a hundred miles, maybe two hundred. And so, when our map said that it began west of Hunt, we presumed it went far to the east of Hunt. Well, it’s looking like the sum total of Hill Country is nothing more than about a thirty mile stretch to the west of Hunt and we’re through it!

I have enclosed, for your viewing pleasure a few photos of some of the eccentricities we have encountered along Hill Country back roads including a farm implement graveyard, a mile-long line of old boots on fence posts, and a rusty troubador.