Greetings from Wimberly, TX,

This unfortunate raccoon pretty much sums up how we felt at the end of today’s ride. And no, we didn’t ride through the last of Texas Hill Country yesterday. There was plenty more waiting for us today. Usually, we have a pretty good idea what is in store for us in the way of hills by looking at the elevation profile on our maps. But the Hill Country passed under the radar, so to speak, because none of the hills are large or long. It is comparable to the fabled “death by a thousand cuts.” None of the hills were particularly big but there were hundreds of them. I doubt there is one square foot of flat land in the counties we rode through today.

For those of you wondering what Hill Country looks like, I took the following photo today. This is a fairly representative scene. Some areas have a lot more trees, some have more brush but endless, small, rolling hills are the common denominator.


Something else you should know about Texans is that they have this thing for grand gateways to their property. It seems every property owner down here lets the world know his presence by constructing an entrance to his property. Some are modest but most include a stone wall to either side. Some are works of art. I particularly like the one in the first photo following. Some are just plain big (the second photo.) Even a poor man needs a gate (third photo)