Bicycle tourists, like most modern practitioners of sport, have adopted highly specialized and often pricey attire in which to pursue their favorite pastime. In the case of foot ware, special shoes which clip to the pedals are considered essential by many riders. I have opted for less formal wear, specifically, lime green Crocs. Among their several advantages: inexpense, lightweight, well ventilated, comfortable, serviceable walking, pedaling, and showering shoes. After 3000+ miles I am quite satisfied with them.

I have, however, come to appreciate one disadvantage they have.

Using public toilets ranks high on my list of distasteful activities. There being no practical alternative, I have found myself frequenting these filthy chambers on more occasions than I care to remember over the last fifty days. Toilet cubicles are designed to offer patrons a modicum of privacy while engaging in a most private act. Often, however, because the cubicle walls don’t extend all the way to the floor, that privacy does not extend to one’s shoes. This exposure is not generally a problem but for a man with lime green shoes the lack of anonymity can be embarrassing. More than once I have crossed paths with other campground residents outside the restroom only to have them glance at my shoes and then at me with what I imagine to be a “oh, you’re the guy who…….” look in their eyes.